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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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rain. to say the bay area is waterlogged an under statement. >> a snapshot of the reservoirs now. lake shasta is at 92%. anderson is at 91% full. >> that water district is releasing water, which is hard to understand when the state is officially in a drought. eric thomas explains why this water has to go. >> he wants to jump in. we can't let him. >> reporter: there's no way he could paddle through the turbulent water flooding into coyote creek. people have come down to take a look. >> it's spectacular. >> a lot of water they have to release out of the dam. it's pretty wild. >> reporter: the water district is releasing so much water to protect the 230 foot tall dam built in 1950. it's not seismically safe.
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the reservoir is limited to 68% capacity. it's currently at 91%. >> at the rate of inflow and the storms in the forecast, we expect we will reach 100% capacity in the next week. >> reporter: an earth quake measures 7.2 could cause the dam pto fail with disastrous result. >> the risk of an earthquake happening at any point in time is remote. >> reporter: a $400 million retrofit is in the planning stages. it will take four years to complete. >> it's unlike anything you see. we are lucky to have it here. we need to get this fixed. >> reporter: officials expect it to reach full capacity next week and begin spilling over the top of the dam and down a concrete spillway designed to relieve pressure. they don't expect any flooding. but they say it will be a sight to see.
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in morgan hill, eric thomas, abc 7 news. live from our tamaower came. that's a cool shot. we are wrapping up storms that have gone on four ten days straight. the clouds are completely gone. we were treated to blue skies. p spencer joins us with a look. >> i will reinforce what we have been saying. february is off to a very wet start. here is a look at the first ten days of the month. each of the ten days there have been some measurable rainfall. we will have some bright sunny skies ahead. we have a lot of clear skies. just a little trail of moisture in the north bay. let's take a closer look where we have a flood warning in effect on the russian river until 9:50 a.m. tomorrow. a small area in central sonoma county has a flood warning in effect until 8:30 tomorrow morning.
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sunny skies will reveprevail th weekend. i will have a look at the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks very much. new at 6:00, this tree on the tracks stopped train service out of fremont. the tree is in niles canyon. they are clearing the way for trains. riders can expect delays. a warning if you are headed to the sierra this weekend. new pictures show the dangerous and unstable conditions on interstate 80. the freeway is closed from colfax to highway 20 because of the mudslide. they are working to clean it up. they can't open the freeway until the hill is stable. they tweet a they tweeted a picture showing the backup. it's a mess. on highway 50 we have been tracking mudslides. a major mudslide has closed down
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both directions just east of pollock pines. no estimate on when it will reopen. here is a picture posted by the chp. you can see a jeep buried in mud. the driver did get out okay. this might look like louisiana, but it's in sonoma county. floodwater surrounding homes filling up the vineyards. there's a large landslide just north of the river. wayne freedman joins us live with a closer look. >> reporter: good evening. a little while ago more drops of rain began to fall, a few drops of rain. most of today, the sun was shining. most of today it felt like we went almost everywhere in the north bay. here is a roundup of what we found. when the sun finally emerged in the north bay, look what it revealed. this was highway 37. victim of a broken levee on private property, taken over by nature.
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today, they announced it will remain closed until february 24. the largest problem in a region rimming with them. this morning, minor stuff. a landslide and tree. up north, the last of yesterday's downpour pushes the russian river to 34 feet at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. an impressive sight. downtown hardly a threat to this generation or the next. locals know in wet winters, a threat comes from fifes creek. today, crews reinforced a section of a road used by school buses where it washed away the soil beneath. >> it's the fifes creek. >> reporter: it's the creek that has residents on church street almost up to their knees in water, praying for it to recede. this is the trouble spot.
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>> seven or eight days. just relentless. >> reporter: during winter, such problems come with the turf even when water covers it. >> we take this all in stride. >> reporter: stroke by stroke. there's a giant headache in the south bay. sky 7 was over a washed out stretch of skyline boulevard in santa clara county. they just discovered the problem about three hours ago. the erosion left this giant crater where the two-lane road used to be. skyline is closed in both directions indefinitely until the county determines how bad the erosion is and how to fix it. it's a painful commute for drivers in the santa cruz mountains as crews work to remove a mudslide that close hide way 17. there's fear another slide near vine hill road could happen. to keep people away, eight miles of highway 17 is closed to all traffic. we were at the mudslide at
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geologists tracked its movement. this is the area where slides took out an abc 7 news van last month and a truck earlier this week. chp hopes the roadway would be open this morning but had to shut it down when engineers discovered it was still unsafe and moving. >> so much saturated earth that's up top. they have been trying to remove it, remove it. but the danger is if the top part comes down, it could go right into the southbound lanes. >> at one point, chp arrested a man in traffic. witnesss said he got out of his vehicle to drink a beer. we have pictures of a crew member killed trying to clear the slide. a truck ran over him, a 54-year-old man. his employer set up a you caring page to help support his family. sorry we can't show you the picture of this poor man that was killed. this is the earlier story. it raised more than $41,000. we have a link to the donation
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page and the article at a man who has been in custody for white collar crimes is speaking about the more serious offenses he is facing. he is charged to put hits out. the 39-year-old was arrested in 2013 related to his work as a manager at a recycling company. in late 2014, a grand jury indicted him on ten additional felonies for allegedly soliciting two fellow inmates to murder nine people. >> it's completely false. >> is there a hit list? >> the hit list they made in their handwriting. >> according to prosecutors, there was a hit list. the methods included staged car accidents, drug overdoses and robberies gone bad. his trial starts tuesday. he has chosen to represent himself. demonstrators at city hall demanded san francisco's sheriff resign after the eviction of a
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100-year-old woman. they protested the sheriff today. who carried -- they were upsaid that she carried out a court order ejecting this woman who failed to pay attorney frees. they say the sheriff should have ignored the eviction order. >> we expected our sheriff to do the same thing, if she had to to go to jail rather than to just go along with this eviction. >> the owner of the property offered to let her live at the apartment for the rest of her life if she signed a document to let it convert to condos. she refused and wanted to bite apartment at a discounted price. a celebrity lawyer is involved in the case of san francisco's tilting and sinking skyscraper. we have covered the millennium tower many times now. homeowners are not happy saying their property values are dropping as the problems with the building become so public. kate larson looks at what this new lawyer's main goal is.
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>> reporter: amongst telling cracks along the sidewalk, attorneys meet outside san francisco's millennium tower today to discuss a lawsuit they intend to file soon. the puddles and pits, a reminder the tower has subsided 16 inches since it was completed in 2009. >> the goal of the lawsuit is very simple. to get the money from the responsible parties to fix this building. >> reporter: the millennium homeowners association board hired this man, a well-known trial attorney from los angeles to litigate their case over the now infamous sinking skyscrapers. they largely blame the poor design of the building for the problems. >> you do trust a builder to do the right thing and to do the safe thing. it appears that trust has been violated in this case. that's what we're going to vindicate. >> reporter: the hoa board hired him who in 1997 successfully represented the goldman family
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in the wrongful death civil suit against o.j. simpson and most recently represented president donald trump in several cases involving trump university. some homeowners like these do not think he is the best lawyer for the case. >> we would want to have a construction defect attorney, someone who has the knowledge and the experience to be able to try this very complicated case. we're not looking for an attorney, we don't believe an attorney that has a high profile is going to win this case for us. >> reporter: she's in a group of 50 unit owners who filed a separate lawsuit for fraud against millennium partners, city departments and powers authority. saying they all knew about the building's defects before they sold the units. in san francisco, kate larson, abc 7 news. one day of action could spark 100 more for the millions who participated in women's marches. >> you will meet a woman who is taking the first step toward keeping the protest momentum going.
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students are learning how to pack light. that is light from the sun into this solar suitcase. how this will help kids halfway around the world ahead on abc 7 news. we're live tonight. 7 on your side is answering your questions until 7:00 p.m. abc 7 is your home for the warriors showdown tomorrow with the oklahoma city thunder. catchall the action from the comfort of your living room. coverage starts at 5:00 tomorrow. thats tomorrow night right here on abc 7. we will be back in a moment.
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we want to bring you these new pictures of the construction worker killed yesterday. a truck ran over robert, a 54-year-old. he was helping clean up a mudslide. there's an online fund-raising effort to support his family. it raised $41,000 so far. find a link to donate at less than 24 hours after donald trump took the oath of office, millions of people marched in protest and support of women's rights. in san francisco, the crowd was estimated at 40,000. one woman in that crowd says the women's march inspired her to do more. she's leading the way for other women as well. >> reporter: she says she felt inspired to invite 80 women to her home after she marched in the san francisco women's march. >> i wanted dodd th ed to do th
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easy entry point. >> a lot of us are feeling like we're not doing enough. >> reporter: she's encouraging women to do more with a pen and postcard. >> i'm concerned about reproductive rights. here is why. my body, my choice. >> it's going to be so important to stick to these principals for as long as 45 is in office. >> please represent your constitue constituents' wishes. >> there's probably somebody in this room that is feeling the same way. >> reporter: organizers put out a list of ten actionable items after the march. the first, to write postcards to local congressmen and women. >> you could write these on our own. being together and doing it and seeing all of these faces and knowing we're all in this together, really helps us push forward at a time where things are very dark and painful for many of us. >> reporter: guided by a few tips hung on the wall, including to write whatever touches your heart, she hopes each woman here discovers her voice.
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>> it's not so daunting to be engaged in local, national or state politics. >> i feel like we make a difference ultimately. >> reporter: one postcard at a time. san francisco is putting the finishing touches on an annual event tomorrow that's expected to bring a million people to the city. we're talking about the annual chinese new year parade. >> did you know the san francisco chinese new year's parade is the largest celebration of asian culture outside the asia? what a spectacle it is. the floats, the firecrackers and the finale, the 22 foot golden dragon dancing through the streets powered by a team of 100 men and women. we went to the warehouse where builders are putting the finishes touches on the floats, 19 of them, all covered up ready to be pushed outside for staging.
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>> we build everything to be water resistant. it will be beautiful no matter what. we want to keep them preserved. >> if you are going, here is the route for you. it begins at 5:15 p.m. at market and second streets. zigzags a few times, goes through the heart of chinatown and ends at columbus avenue. if you can't make it to san francisco, redwood city has its lunar new year's celebration tomorrow featuring lion dancers, martial arts and lots of family activities. find your favorite way to almost this year of the rooster. happy new year to all. >> thanks. start with live doppler 7 showing clouds moving out of the bay area. moisture in the north bay. there may be a light spotty shower or two around the area. mainly dry. check out this view of the moon
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rise from our camera. it's 55 degrees in san francisco and in oakland. upper 50s in mountain view and san jose and gilroy. how about this view? the western sky with the few remaining clouds and a bride area. temperatures in the mid 50s at na napa, santa rosa. one more view at the golden gate bridge where it's dry. he would will see fog developing overnight. we have dry, sunny days coming this weekend. rain returns middle of next week. we have four or maybe five dry days to enjoy before that. here is the forecast animation taking you through the overnight. show you how the skies and clouds clear out. the clouds move out. the sky is clear. we will have patches of fog developing during the early morning hours. speaking of the early morning hours, low temperatures in the early morning will drop into the mid 40s for most of the bay area. upper 40s near the coast and bay. upper 30s to low 40s in the
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north bay valleys which will be chillier. tomorrow, under golden sunshine, high temperatures ranging from upper 50s at the coast to low and mid 60s near the bay and inland. move along to look at next week when we can expect our next storm. that storm looks like it's going to be a two on the storm impact scale. a storm of moderate intensity which will produce moderate to heavy rainfall, half an inch to an inch and a half for most locations. it will produce strong southerly wind and there's flooding potential because the ground is saturated. we will begin our forecast animation at 9:00 next wednesday night. notice the wave of rainfall moves in during the overnight hours into thursday. through the day thursday into thursday night. we will have wet weather ahead. here is the seven-day forecast. before we get to the wet weather, before it gets to us i should say, we have five dry days coming our way. it's going to be spectacular over the weekend into monday and tuesday. super temperatures in the mid to upper
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60s by tuesday. clouds increase wednesday. there's a chance of rain wednesday night. then we get our storm on thursday. and enough rain left over friday to rank one on the storm impact scale. let's not worry about the rain yet. enjoy the dry days. >> thank you. michael finney is out live today. >> he is taking your questions. >> reporter: i'm alive here in bailey city. we will be here until 7:00 taking your consumer complaints. drop by and
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today michael finney is answering consumer questions in person. >> that's right. let's check in to see who he is helping tonight. >> reporter: a lot of people are dropping by. we have encouraged people to come over here and bring their consumer questions or concerns with them. susan here did just that. she drove all the way here from san jose. i'm glad you did. how can i help? >> thank you very much for being here for us. my question is, i have a mother who has signs of dementia. she signed a contract about a security necklace. they say she's locked into the contract until 2020. i've asked them to remove the device because she doesn't wear it. they mentioned that be careful
6:25 pm
when pressing the button, you will get charged or something to that lines. she now doesn't wear it. it sits on the wall. now we are paying for something we're not using. they say i'm locked into the contract or she is until 2020. >> that's an awful long contract. since she's showing signs of dementia, you are going to have to step in and start dealing with that issue. you know that now? >> i have been. this is why i'm in the area. >> that's a canary in the coal mine right there. i want you to let me take it from here. let me do this. let me give them a call and we will see if they can see their way through to putting your contract aside because of the issues. we will make the point with them. we will probably be able to take care of it. hang around. let me get the paperwork from you. if you have a consumer question or concern, come by. if you have paperwork, please bring it.
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i'm michael finney. >> great job. thanks. some middle schoolers are learning a lesson that goes far beyond school. the benefit, it can go around the world. >> this month has been busy. only because of the ban. >> while the press's executive order on immigration pauses in the court system, it is still having an impact on people here in california. stay with us.
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a hectic friday is drawing to a close for president trump. the president is at his resort in florida with japan's prime minister shinzo abe. all eyes are on the jus tuesdti department's next move. mr. trump addressed what his administration might do next on air force 1 this afternoon. >> we will win that battle. we have a lot of other options, including filing a new order.
6:30 pm
>> of course, any new travel ban will likely face similar charges in court. a new twist tonight. a judge on ninth circuit requested an 11-judge panel to reconsider the decision the 3-judge panel made. the ninth circuit could reverse itself without the government even asking. mexico has issued a warning to all its citizens living in the u.s., take precautions following thursday's deportation of a mother in arizona. >> no more details, but mexico has been asking people to have their papers in order. >> reporter: the mexican government felt it was necessary to warn its citizens in it the u.s. after an arizona mother of two was deported thursday. it did the same in november after the presidential election. mexicans living in the u.s. are being asked to have their papers and documents in order. this lady came to renew her mexican passport. >> my kids. my kids and my family.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: the mexican government points out those who don't have dual citizenship should begin the process now. passport offices have seen an increase in the number of applications. it's not only mexicans applying. >> just coming in and looking, we want passports, not tomorrow, now. >> reporter: in the case of the arizona mother, she had been arrested and convicted in 2008 for using a fake social security number. >> ice did what the laws and procedures of the immigration laws of this country have prescribed for it. >> reporter: immigration and custom enforcement said her immigration case underwent review the amult multiple level. regardless, many mexicans fear anyone can be a target. of course i'm afraid says this san francisco mother. but if i have to leave, my daughter will come with me.
6:32 pm
new at 6:00, an emotional arrival at san jose international airport involved a 17-year-old refugee who came to stay with a foster family. we are blurring her face to protect her identity. she burst into tears. >> they want to say hi. they want to welcome. they want to let them know this is okay. they are having a great time here, they are doing well. just to make sure they feel a little better. >> the team lien lived at a ref camp for many years. month after month, across the western united states, dra a drama is unfolding. a preview of the investigation
6:33 pm
tonight at 11:00. >> the aim is to keep the healthy population of wild horses. they are protected under law. wild horse advocates say the program is a mess. >> the horses lose everything in the roundup. they lose their family, their freedom, their way of life. we lose being able to see them in the wild. >> tens of thousands of wild horses are held in government corrals. i investigate their uncertain future. that's tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> can't wait to see you. thank you. we have breaking news now. an update, the chp is ready to reopen eight miefles of highway 17. it has been shut down because of fear of another slide near vine hill road might happen. the plan is to reopen one southbound lane by 7:00 p.m.,
6:34 pm
half an hour from now. one northbound lane at granite creek road is scheduled to open tomorrow at noon. tech jobs aren't growing as much as they used to around here. that's according to an analysis done by media partners. the industry added 3.5% more jobs, about half the gains from each of the two years before. tech is still growing more than the overall job market in the bay area's nine counties. for some middle school students, a lesson in science is also providing a lesson in life. jonathan bloom explains how they are building their engineering skills while building something to help others. >> this is a solar suitcase. >> reporter: it's the result of a long class project for these seventh graders. they built the blue boxes that store energy from the sun during the day to power the led light bulbs at night. >> we learned new things that i never knew i would ever do. >> this is something they are building, they're creating. when the lights come on, it's a satisfaction that they can say,
6:35 pm
this is something i have done. >> reporter: the solar suitcase is an engineering project which makes it a special treat. but they say just as exciting is who this will help now that it's complete. >> they're going to send it to uganda. >> reporter: at an assembly, they got to see who they are helping. >> 80% of the kids in eastern africa do not have light. >> reporter: high schoolers taking the college entrance exam study at gas stations after the sun goes down. there are places to study at school. >> they have nine study halls. they are dark at night because there's no electricity. the solar suitcases you built will light up those nine study halls. >> reporter: making the students not just young makers but ambassadors. >> you are the leaders of the future. >> reporter: a professor had the idea to work with the middle schools. >> when you have kids in school that themselves have overwhelming poverty statistics
6:36 pm
and what they are excited about is helping kids that are less well off than themselves, that is truly inspirational to me. >> reporter: the sheer fun of making things and the thrill of making a difference. >> it feels amazing. it feels -- i don't know. it feels like so happy that i'm helping others that i never knew i would help others across the world. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. something in sunlight could help stop the threat of age-related diseases like alzheimer's. why this video is evidence it works. you still have about 20 minutes to catch michael finney in person. we will check in with him to see we will check in with him to see who he has helped tonight. we will check in with him to see who he has helped tonight. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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could a well-known vitamin we may already take help slow down the aging process. >> a study here in the bay area turned up intriguing new data on vitamin d. >> we have details. >> reporter: we absorb is from sunlight by walking out the door. and vitamin d has long been known to help strengthen bones. but could it help fight off the ravages of aging as well?
6:40 pm
if you happen to be a worm, the answer is yes. gordon and katie are researchers. they were using the worms to study proteins that degrade with aging and are associated with age-related diseases. >> in alzheimer's disease, there's a protein that gets sticky and starts to become toxic. so if you have that protein in a worm, the same thing happens. the worm gets sick. >> reporter: the proteins come together. appear as fluorescent blobs in the worms. since researchers could track that process, they decided to perform a high speed screening for drugs that might slow or even reduce it. >> we looked at what the drugs were and found one was vitamin d. that's when we got excited. we know vitamin d has been related to all of the age-related diseases. there's evidence that this might be an interesting player.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: the vitamin d not only slowed the deterioration, it also extended lifespan in the worms by more than 30%. they believe it works by affecting genes that impact both the longevity and age-related diseases. worms are far from people. but the results are intriguing enough that the team now wants to study the vitamin d affect in small animals. ultimately, to learn how it might work in people. >> the big hope is that we will find new ways to treat age-related diseases. what we're trying to do is extend health span. it may be it comes along with that, but the aim is to make people healthier for longer. >> reporter: if they are successful, at least some credit will go to some colorful and very useful worms. cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> vitamin d supplements are prescribed routinely to many elderly patients. researchers say our skin loses its ability to produce vitamin d
6:42 pm
from sunlight. michael finney is out live taking your questions. >> we will be talking about economy cars. what are the favorites? i'm michael
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a new way to get away leads. southwest will debut international flights. on sunday they will leave for mexico. >> ford will invest a billion dollars in an artificial intelligence company to develop self-driving cars. it has offices in the bay area. the founders worked at google and uber. ford wants it ready for commercial use in four years. it's time to go back to michael finney. >> he is live tonight. >> reporter: we are asking people to drop by with consumer questions or concerns. bring paperwork. we will be here until 7:00. time is running out. a few more questions, including one from cliff. what's your question? >> i would like to know if i
6:46 pm
wanted to buy a good economy car, what would you suggest? >> reporter: that's a great question. did a study on this. they asked people which ones they liked the best. ford fiesta came in number one with 14%. then honda fit came in a close number two. those are both pretty tiny cars. there's a lot of good cars out there, when you talk about buying american, some of the very best economy cars are american now. they are kind of -- you have extra money, then economy means not buying gasoline. then you go into the whole tesla thing. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you very much. we will be here until 7:00. we would love to hear your questions, concerns. drop by here. i'm michael finney. >> great work out there. thanks a lot. we are getting sunshine out there today. we were. it's dark now. >> but it's sure nice to see it. it will be around for the next few days.
6:47 pm
>> there's more sunshine on the way. we have mainly dry conditions right now. a little trickle of moisture up there. we have more than a trickle over the last seven days. over one foot of rain has fallen in the last seven days at mount saint helena. nearly three inches in san francisco and oakland. tomorrow, there will be no rain for the chinese new year's parade. sunny skies leading up to the beginning of the parade at 5:15. clear skies into the evening. great parade weather. speaking of great weather, check out the seven-day forecast. sunny or mainly sunny skies for four days. it will be dry and mild. cloudier wednesday. thursday, we get our next storm. a storm of moderate intensity. that will give way to light rain or showers friday ranking one on the storm impact scale. before we get to the rain, we have dry weather. >> enjoy it. thanks. yesterday we had big news
6:48 pm
from the 49ers. tonight it's the raiders. >> off season raiders news concerning the head coach. how does the chant four more years sound? that's next. it's okay to cry, right?
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good evening. while most of us are focusing on kevin durant's return to okc, the warriors more immediate focus is on memphis. they are playing the grizzlies tonight. check out steph hitting at midcourt in pregame. playing good d early. a clay thompson corner three. 14 points early and 18 at the half. steph is fouled in the corner. that's a four-point play. 14 points in the first half. very offensive minded. the grizzlies have beaten the warriors twice this regular season. tony allen strong to the rack. memphis within five. seven steals in the first half. with authority right there as he
6:52 pm
ripped and threw it down. right now it's 79-69, golden state. tomorrow, the warriors thunder game will top off tomorro at 5:30 here on abc 7. we will have the highlights and post-game interviews with four handsome gentlemen right there. kevin durant's mom knows the return to oklahoma city will not be easy. >> i cry some of the things i read on my social media. it's going to hurt a little bit. i know how much he loves oklahoma city. how much he cares about the organization and the team. some of his former teammates. it's going to be hard. i'm going to be there with him to support him. we're going to get through it. >> they will boo him ought night long. here is a man they are cheering. two years left on his original contract with the silver and black. after a 12-4 season and a return to the post-season, the team has
6:53 pm
given him a new four-year contract extension terms not disclosed. a huge part of the raiders foundation of success. the weather finally cleared at pebble beach today. trying to finish up rounds one and go to stay on schedule for the weekend. didn't get it all done. bill murray in the valentine's day spirit. that's more of bill murray than i want. especially at dinner time. wayne gretzky chipping from off the green. the great one. he shoots and scores. here is an odd scene. jim furyk on 13 taking off his shoes trying to get better traction. for a bunker shot here. ended up bogeying the hole and is at 2 under. jordan spieth, see the fog in the background. he is at minus 10 and tied for first. a lot of guys unable to finish round two. giants fan fest is tomorrow at at&t park.
6:54 pm
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. it's free. meet the guys including the new closer this season. he will be trusted with the ninth inning, biggest off-season signing from washington. san francisco blew 32 saves and nine in the month of september. it was agony watching. he has blown ten saves in three full years as a closer. gotta be an upgrade. he heard stories about last year's problems. he knows he will be in the spotlight from day one. >> hunter pence and i and crawford, we were talking in the car. they were just talking amongst themselves. i said, no pressure on me then? and then laughed. >> we saw how tough it is to have a revolving door there in that position. i think it's a confidence is a huge thing. when a guy knows it's his role and you bring him in to do that, it make everyone else's job easier. >> the really big news, producer
6:55 pm
casey pratt and wife gave birth a few minutes ago to new baby emmerson. the second girl for the family along with harper joining the abc 7 news family. pictures to come later tonight. >> can't wait to see. thank you. joining us tonight. coming up, the lives of millions of fish are threatened. the effort going on to try to save them. that's at 9:00. this woman is trying to get to the united states. at 11:00, the anxiety facing her family here in the bay area as president trump plots the next move on his travel ban. tonight, be my valentine charlie brown at 8:00, shark tank and at 10:00, 20/20 remembering anna nicole smith ten years after her death. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. finally tonight, a few thoughts about what really matters.
6:56 pm
i posted something monday that got a lot of reaction. it was about the saturday night live sketch last weekend. mccasurthy playing spicer. she was brilliant. a lot of people on my facebook page found it funny. a number did not. some deciding to take nasty spine swipes at me for posting it. really? they missed the point not some political statement about the new administration, rather to share a very funny moment. most importantly, to highlight the crucial role that comedy plays and has always played in keeping our leaders from getting too big for their britches. saturday night live has poked fun at every president and administration since it went on the air. they are just as funny and just as important in their own way no matter which party is in office. even when the country is so divided, maybe especially when it is, what really matters is that we keep our sense of humor.
6:57 pm
lose that and we really have problems. always love to hear from you. let me know what you think and what your favorite presidential parody is. follow me on twitter and facebook. that's going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. >> for the entire abc 7 news team, he is live answering questions tonight. you have to brave to8 hours of testingcation, in the 11 most crucial areas of management accounting. only 50% will pass. done. so if you're one of them, feel free to brag. you've earned it. oh yeah. i want that. who's next? i'm next. after her. after him. the cma certification. you've got to earn it.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a naval officer from honolulu, hawaii... a physics professor from redlands, california... and our returning champion -- a graduate student from austin, texas... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. a little bit of forward-thinking news before we get into today's match. whoever wins this game today gets to relax for two weeks
7:00 pm
because on monday, we begin our annual college tournamen sara, brandon, and kirstin, welcome and good luck. let's go to work. and here are the categories in play... ah, good subject. that's good. eh. each correct response will begin with one of those. and finally, we'll do some... kirstin, off you go. good causes for $200. kirstin. who is pharrell? yes. good causes for $400. sara. what is diabetes? yes. good causes for $600.


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